Master, Servant, Slave and Friend

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New E-book released – – – Master, Servant, Slave and Friend by George Abeyewickreme.

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We are all creatures of God and as human beings we are the most privileged since He has made us in his own image and likeness and  given us the gift of being his own adopted children. We depend on him for every move we make. We can however rebel against God since he has given us also the gift of free will though we sincerely feel at times that we would prefer not to have that free will and would be a servant and even a slave of God.

This is the topic of Mr. George Abeyewickreme’s  latest volume of spiritual thoughts. In his case the Holy Spirit of God does not allow him to be free but urges him to keep on writing and spreading God’s loving mysteries among his circle of friends. The author prefers to be a servant, a slave of the Holy Spirit of God but the motive is love. That makes the difference.

“Master, Servant, Slave and Friend” is the title of his book.  Chapter by chapter he explores the state of man on earth as  he struggles with all the different possibilities placed before him to be the master, the servant, the slave or friend. Our seeking for happiness and meaning in life drives us to experiment with all possibilities.

The enemy within distracts us from our divine origins and attracts us towards false happiness. Jesus comes to our aid as the human model to make us reach our final destiny. He the master of the universe becomes the slave of his Father and by revealing the eternal truths to us make us his friends and invites us to become his brothers and sisters through love.

The final chapter is about Mary the handmaid of the Lord who simply said “let it be done to me according to thy word” and who advised us “to do whatever he tells you to do”.

I join the author in his prayer to Jesus crucified where he reflects that everything here passes away and the only value that remains is love and therefore invites his fellow beings to return to the heavenly Father who is love in essence. Download, read the eBook and share it with all your friends. God Bless You All.

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