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Click the link above to download “Alive in Christ” (219 KB) eBook by Pastor Bobby Keating

About the eBook :-

The purpose of this book is to provide you with revelation knowledge. If you are a Christian believer, this information will bring you to a higher level of worship and a deeper relationship with the Lord and Savior of mankind.

If you are a skeptic or non-believer or an uncommitted Christian, this book may just be the answer to questions you have that are preventing you from a full commitment to Jesus Christ. Please, read this material with an open mind.

Many Christians today are satisfied with a superficial relationship with Jesus. Some Christians are satisfied to simply go to church once and a while to appease their conscience. Other Christians are actively involved with a church but have not made a full commitment to Christ because they are unable to give up certain things in their life that are pleasurable.

The information in this book is the meat and potatoes of Christian belief. I hope that you enjoy it.

Christians fall into two categories. Consider a breakfast of bacon and eggs. The hen was involved. She provided a basic necessity for breakfast, the eggs. The pig, however, was committed. He gave his all for the sake of the breakfast. The non-believer simply has coffee, neither involvement nor commitment.

Are you on the outside, no involvement, or are you simply involved with no commitment? Are you truly committed to your Savior and give your all? In order to realize the beauty of a life in Christ, you must be ready to make a full and satisfying commitment to the Holy God who created us.

Table of Contents :-

Chapter 1 – Why is it important?

Chapter 2 – Alive in Christ

Chapter 3 – Faith in Christ

Chapter 4 – The Significance

Chapter 5 – Provision

Chapter 6 – How do we live our lives in Christ?

Chapter 7 – Bondage

Chapter 8 – The Blood

Chapter 9 – Putting it all together

Chapter 10 – Break the bonds that bind you.

Chapter 11 – Alive in Christ’s Project Oasis

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