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Click the link above to download “Created in His Image” (282 KB) eBook by Pastor Bobby Keating

About the eBook :-

I know that there are many people today who do not have a clear picture of God’s Divine Nature and the part that they play in the plan that God has for us, His creation. Through many hours of prayer and meditation, God has placed on my heart the desire to write this book. The central idea for this work is to help clear up some of the misconceptions that face both new believers and those who have not made the decision to follow Christ.

The purpose for this book is two-fold. First and foremost, this work is an attempt to clarify some of the basic concepts that people face concerning God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Secondly, all of the proceeds from this book will be used for the outreach ministries of New Covenant Fellowship to feed the hungry both physically and spiritually and to build a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Table of Contents :-

Chapter 1 – In His Image

Chapter 2 – What is the Nature of God?

Chapter 3 – Who is Jesus?

Chapter 4 – Who is the Holy Spirit?

Chapter 5 – What is Holiness?

Chapter 6 – What does the Cross really mean?

Chapter 7 – Is the Holy Bible the Word of God?

Chapter 8 – How do I worship?

Chapter 9 – How do I get my Blessing?

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