A Walk To Remember – Movie Review

A Walk To Remember

A walk to remember

Release date: May 21, 2002

A beautiful romance story, starring Mandy Moore and Shane West , directed by Adam Shankman.

This movie talks about Jamie and Landon. Jaime could be the last girl you would think that Landon will fall in love. She was serious and conservative. Daughter of Baptist minister of the village, Jamie did not mind what other people think about her because her faith was the most important in her life, even if that meant losing some friends. Landon was a temperamental guy, who excelled at the school on looks and his character. His friends were amused when they criticized the clothing and behavior of Jamie.

Landon had no plans for the future and his faith. One night he ends at the hospital by a prank, as a punishment he is forced to take classes on weekends, and takes part in the representation of Dramatic Club spring.

These activities make them closer. She was already working as a volunteer tutor and had an important role in the work. Soon, against his personal expectations and from the scorn of his friends, Landon falls in love with this girl.

Above all, they will test the power of love and faith to transform life into something worth living. Even after the bad circumstances in their lives, finally he understands that “Love is like the wind you cannot see it, but you can feel it”.

A Walk To Remember – Movie Trailer

Landon visits Jamie’s father four years later and tells that he is sorry he could not grant Jamie’s wish to witness “a miracle” before she died. Her father says “She did. It was you”.

A wonderful touching love story – Watch it when you have time.

– – – movie review by Flor Idalia

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  1. A walk to remember is a superb heartbreaking movie that made me cry. The movie is all about faith in love, and forgiveness. It’s so depressing yet so sweet and very inspiring. It’s truly beautiful. Even this movie was released a long time ago but still every time I have watched it makes me cry. They story is impressive

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