Book : I Just Can’t Take It Anymore

I Just Cant Take It Anymore

Even though were not living through the Great Depression, it sure feels like it, doesn’t it? The headlines are depressing. The economy stinks. Businesses are closing. Families are losing their homes. Things are a mess in Washington. If you are like me, I am sure you know someone who is having a really rough time … Read more

Flowers of The Son – Movie Review


Flowers of the Son is an emotionally gripping, real-life look at the struggle to stand for Jesus in Israel. Only one-tenth of one percent of Israeli Jews know Jesus – the rest don’t even know his name. Flowers of the Son movie trailer is given right below. Israel is home to some seven and a half million … Read more

Catholic Artwork

Take a look at the Christian Artwork displayed above. Hope you love them all. Visit to purchase any artwork of this type. Our traditional Catholic art is available uniquely displayed on a handmade poplar American hardwood plaque. Each Catholic wood plaque or diptych will have an intricate and exquisite gold border and an elegant and smooth … Read more

Talking With God In Old Age

Talking With God In Old Age

Book : Talking With God In Old Age by Missy Buchanan Missy Buchanan sensitively address the worries, fears, and frustrations of older adults and extends hope, encouraging them to maintain an open dialogue with God, in this book titled ‘Talking with God in old age’. Each reading features a candid conversation with God with a … Read more