Book : God Knows My Name

God Knows My Name

God Knows My Name: Never Forgotten, Forever Loved

Author : Beth Redman

Published : July 1st 2010 by David C. Cook

Details : Paperback, 192 pages

Book Theme : God Knows My Name

In this powerful and deeply vulnerable book, Beth Redman writes to pass along a message that changed her life—that the God who made us also understands us intimately. He hears our cries and reaches out in love to help us and fight for us. He’s always at work shaping our character. And no matter what others do, He will never, ever leave or forget us. Drawing on Scripture and her own experience, Redman invites us to explore the revolutionary implications of being loved by a God who knows our name. And she invites us to call on His name as well—to respond to His heart and love Him as He has loved us from the beginning.

Your Father God named you as precious, chosen, and beloved. You may not be named Rocco, but when God calls you, He speaks over you His truth, freedom, and life. Your part is to make a good choice—to continually believe and live under those things He named you and never to seek to hide behind another name. Many of us each day live under other labels that the Enemy has given us from past or present experiences—unwanted, failure, doubter, ugly, unlovely, needy, drama queen, mistake, disgrace, shamed, forgotten, and many more lies.

Those thoughts and feelings cannot possibly originate from God—for He is the giver of good and perfect gifts, and the God of all comfort. Those negative impressions of yourself and the words my own dad wrote in his email to me originate from the Enemy—who we know to be a dirty liar.

Perhaps you think your problems and insecurities are too great to overcome. By the kindness and mercy of God in my own life, I can assure you that this is not the case. I was abused physically, put down verbally, and rejected. I suffered humiliation many times and sadly began to act out how I felt about myself. In public I felt wretchedly insecure. I couldn’t go out with friends without feeling self-conscious and unimportant. I hated myself inside and out.

Then Jesus called my name. And everything changed. I hardly recognize the person I was back then. Our names may conjure up memories, but not always truth. I know that ultimately I am defined not by what others think of me when they hear my name, or what my earthly father says about me. Instead, the authority and compassion of the God who called my name define me. He loves, He shapes, He convicts, and He lavishes us with affirmation.

It’s time we heard His voice the loudest.

God Knows My Name Reviews

What a timely message for every woman in our material society. Definitely a message through out the ages as I am certain during Biblical times it was potent as well with all the focus on earthly and physical beauty. There are so many times when we can really get caught up in what others think about us whether it is physical or personality and sometimes I catch myself knowing that they are evil ideas placed there for distraction, but sometimes I miss it and dwell. This book is a good reminder. – Margaret

Beth Redman is authentic and heartwarming in God Knows My Name. She had me at the title. I related to her feelings toward her father and her realistic look at raising multiple children and being a good wife. This book encourages women by reminding us that we are all in the same boat. – Audra Krell

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