Christian Wallpaper Set 01

Christian Wallpaper Set 01 is here in TBTG site. These wallpapers of Christian theme are not the ones picturing Jesus Christ, we have lots of those desktop wallpapers here in TBTG. But the Christian wallpapers given above are top quality wallpapers with Bible Verses and attractive images on each of them. Take a look at the 16 Free Christian wallpapers and click on any thumbnail you like to view it in full size.

We are constantly in search of more Christian wallpapers, some with Jesus pictures, others with Bible Verses etc. And till date we have a huge collection of them at TBTG site under the Pictures category. If you would like to share a new picture with us, we will be really happy to include your contributions here. Because we surely know there are tons of Christian Wallpapers still hidden in the vast Internet.

2 thoughts on “Christian Wallpaper Set 01”

  1. I love all the Christine wall papers you post but I have one problem. They are too small. If I try to get it to fit the whole screen it’s blurry. If i just leave it as is it’s a tiny box in the center of my screen. Is there a way to make it fit my screen without blurring.

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