Bible Verse Pictures – Set 08

Bible Verse Pictures Set 08 is here. We had a long break of six months after we had posted the Bible Verse Pictures Set 07. Look at the above verse pictures and click on those thumbnail images to see the full picture in its original dimensions. Then you can right-click on it and save the Bible verse picture to your computer.

The Bible verse images given in this eight set are not of huge wallpaper size. If you want wallpaper size Bible verse pictures, please check the links given at the end of this article. We will be adding more and more verse pictures from Bible soon to TBTG. If you have some nice Bible Verse pictures to share with us, please upload them using ‘Upload Your Files’ feature given at the top left hand side. God bless you all.

Check These Bible Verse Pictures:-

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  1. If you don’t mind I want other sacrament details too….
    Thanks for the information, which help me to grow in spiritually.

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