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Bible Study MaterialsPictures to help you in Bible Study are given above. There are 16 Bible Study pictures given here. Just click on any thumbnail image from these to see the image in full size. I hope you all will love these images with Word of God on each of them.

These pictures with Bible Verses are the favorite ones of my dearest friend. He always collects these type of pictures and forward them to me. I really thank and appreciate his efforts to make the Bible Verse picture collection in TBTG so huge. Due to his efforts, we now have eight sets of Bible Verse pictures, including this one. The other seven sets are linked below. Take a look at them.

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  1. I love the pics of Jesus hugging girl: it’s a perfect pictorial of my name the Holy Spirit gave me years ago: When I lean {Eileen} on Jesus, I have No Fear {Fearon}. Thank you whoever drew the picture! God Bless all who come to this site.

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