Psalm Wallpapers – Set 03

Psalm 103:12 Wallpaper

Psalm Wallpapers Set 03 is posted above. 16 desktop wallpapers of 1024×768 resolution with psalm verses are given in this article. If you have not visited the Psalm Wallpapers Set01 and Psalm Wallpapers Set02, please have a look at them right now. To set any of the above psalm wallpapers as your desktop wallpaper, follow … Read more

Psalm Wallpapers – Set 02

Psalm 37:11 Wallpaper

Psalm Wallpapers – Set 02 is here in TBTG website. Take a look at the 16 psalm wallpaper pictures of 1024×768 resolution so that they are ideal for your desktop wallpaper size. I hope you have already seen the first set of psalm wallpapers in TBTG. I would like to remind you again that these … Read more

Psalm Wallpapers

Psalm Wallpapers are given above. These 16 psalm desktop wallpapers given for free here are just a sample. Here I introduce to you all a beautiful website with tons of Bible Verse wallpapers, not only Psalms. That cute website is run by Trevor Bowers, a close friend of mine. Website URL – I highly recommend each one of you … Read more