Psalm Wallpapers – Set 02

Psalm Wallpapers – Set 02 is here in TBTG website. Take a look at the 16 psalm wallpaper pictures of 1024×768 resolution so that they are ideal for your desktop wallpaper size. I hope you have already seen the first set of psalm wallpapers in TBTG.

I would like to remind you again that these pictures are taken from my friend Trevor’s website.

Website URL –

Feel free to visit the above website so that you can get a lot more (not only psalms) Bible verse wallpapers to decorate your desktop screen. Trevor has a huge collection of these wallpapers in his site. So I am sure you guys won’t be disappointed at all when you land there.

In this post, I have covered Psalm verses ranging from Psalm 23:4, Psalm 34-15, Psalm 34-19, Psalm 37-8, Psalm 37-11, Psalm 37-39, Psalm 50-15, Psalm 51-71, Psalm 57-3, Psalm 57-10, Psalm 63-8, Psalm 72-5, Psalm 72-11, Psalm 73-26, Psalm 91-14. You can choose anyone from these Psalm verses from the top gallery of Psalm wallpapers.

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