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Psalm Wallpapers are given above. These 16 psalm desktop wallpapers given for free here are just a sample. Here I introduce to you all a beautiful website with tons of Bible Verse wallpapers, not only Psalms.

That cute website is run by Trevor Bowers, a close friend of mine.

Website URL –

I highly recommend each one of you to visit the above mentioned website because I am sure you all need more wallpapers than just the Psalm wallpapers, right? You will find lots and lots of wallpapers in the website, as it was started in 2009.  So expect a huge collection there, made available for you, completely free.

If you spend more time online or more time on computer (I do, as I work in the software field), a good bible verse wallpaper will be a great boost to your daily spiritual life. I can guarantee that. And just imagine if you happen to have many at hand so that you can cycle them daily on your desktop, using each Bible verse wallpaper a day and changing them constantly. That’s where the usefulness of such a wonderful free Christian wallpaper site comes into play.

I may be publishing many more Bible wallpapers from Trevor’s site, here on TBTG. But be aware that they will just be a portion of the vast amount of Christian Bible wallpapers available at his website.

So friends, whats the delay? Go straight to

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