Christian Wallpapers for Bible Study – Set 03

Another set of 12 Christian wallpapers for Bible Study are given above. Click on each one to view in full size.

There is such a need for God’s Word in our homes. These scripture pictures are a way to put the Word in places where we can be a blessing to others. I am very grateful to my dear friend, Ms.Maymaria John for sharing these wonderful bible verse pictures with us. Maymaria, may God bless you abundantly to keep inspiring all the people around you.They greatly help in Bible Study.Very high quality Christian Wallpapers are also here in TBTG.

Pick the one you like the best and set as your wallpaper. Let the verse come to our heart each time we power on our computer. Go on cycling your wallpaper through the above set till all the above 12 verses are deeply printed in our hearts, along with the chapter number of each verse. These make Bible Study more comfortable. Check back this site often as i will be uploading more and more Christian Wallpapers in near future.

If you have Christian wallpapers like these, please share them with us so that Bible study becomes a lot easier.

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