Book : If Not for the Grace of God by Joyce Meyer

If not for the grace of God

Learning to Live Independent of Frustrations and Struggles.

Are you getting frustrated from not seeing answers to your prayers? If so, Joyce Meyer has a question to ask you: If salvation was received by grace through faith, how is it that our everyday accomplishments are not received in this same manner? By working through the best-selling author Joyce Meyer’s original book, ‘If Not for the Grace of God’, you will learn how to “exchange trying for trusting.”

Theme :

In differentiating between grace and faith, Joyce Meyer explains, “We must learn to lean totally upon the Lord, freely acknowledging that it is not by faith but by grace through faith that we receive any of the good things that He wants us to have. We must remember that the most important thing in receiving God’s blessing is not our great faith but his great faithfulness.” You’ll find this book to be a great guide for Bible study groups, personal devotion time and Sunday school classes. The workbook-styled question and answer format provides space for you to fill in your responses to each question, and with the special answer section in the back, you can check your answers.

Unfolding from the pages of this book you will learn:

What grace is. -The power of grace. -How to be free from worry and frustration. -How to walk in supernatural favor. -How to develop an attitude of gratitude. -How to live a holy life by grace. -Plus much more! Relieve frustration and release god’s power by learning to rely on His grace!

Reviews :

Grace is “undeserved favor,” but it is so much more than that. This book explains the power of the grace of God and how to receive it through faith, teaching the difference between having faith in God and having faith in your own abilities.

Don’t be fooled by the title into thinking that this is “old hat” information. Joyce Meyer develops many refreshing ideas in the book on this “old” subject. The best part of the whole book is her explanation of the difference between grace and faith and how the two operate in a believer’s life. Many of us have made the mistake of having faith in faith rather than faith in God and live frustrated lives. Get this book, learn some new thoughts on an old idea, and get majorly blessed.

This is a wonderful book. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted a better understanding of God’s grace and how to receive it.

About the Author : Joyce Meyer (born in 1943)

Pauline Joyce Hutchison Meyer, more commonly known as Joyce Meyer (born on June 4, 1943) is a Charismatic Christian author and speaker. Her television and radio programs air in 25 languages in 200 countries, and she has written over 70 books on Christianity. Joyce and her husband, Dave, have four grown children, and live near St. Louis, Missouri. Her ministry is headquartered in the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, Missouri.

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  1. It’s taken me a lot of years to know that our God’s mercies and Grace are the only strengths for my success. Ever since I read this book I believe my life has changed

  2. Praise the lord Joyce

    I read one of your favourite book THE BATTLEFIELD OF MIND and you know Joyce the one thing in the entire book which attracted me soo much is THE MIND SETS. I really want to praise god for you that the way he has overcome you is marvelous.

    The way he once again gain you i just wana praise him. Amen…

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