Book : Peace of Soul by Fulton J. Sheen

Peace of Soul

Bishop Sheen asks readers to stop blaming their subconscious for their ills and examine instead their conscience, to turn away from the psychoanalyst and turn to God. Through this book ‘Peace of Soul’, he shows readers that peace of soul cannot come from humankind, but must come through Divine help.

Theme :

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen brilliantly examines the vast differences between the benefits of psychotherapy and true confession that leads to conversion. While one may help the patient gain some peace of mind, the Christian gains something far greater through the grace of Confession: peace of soul.

Reviews :

“The writing is clear and forceful, the logic frequent-ly brilliant…This is a rewarding experience for any reader and those of other religions or of none will enjoy it even when in disagreement”…..Catholic World

This book is a true lifeline to modern man’s delusion of reality. If any person is wise enough to believe in God, then it will be subtly obvious that this book is a gift from heaven and Sheen was the well appointed messenger. Do your soul the honor of reading this book, it is as valuable to our spiritual life as breathing and water is to our physical.

It is a fantastic answer to todays psychobabble. We’ve turned away from God as a society, and there is a need to return to faith in order to find happiness and peace. I would rather be a faithful servant of God than a prideful servant of man. Man cannot save any of us, only God can save us from a horrible eternity.

About the Author : Fulton J. Sheen (1895-1979)

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen touched the lives of millions worldwide with his warmth, wisdom and humor. A master communicator, he had the great gift of preaching and teaching the Gospel in a way easy to understand.During the last decade of his life, while battling serious heart disease, Sheen continued at a breathtaking pace to travel, speak, and write. During the course of his more than 50 year career in the Church, he wrote 66 books and countless articles. No other Catholic figure of the century could match his literary productivity.

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