Book : Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

Battlefield of the mind

Winning the Battle in Your Mind…

Joyce Meyer uncovers the tactics of the soul’s enemy and gives a clear-cut plan to triumph in the fight for the mind. Joyce will teach you how to renew your mind through the Word and stand victoriously at battle’s end.

Theme :

Like a chessboard, your mind is a battlefield. And doubt, worry, confusion, depression, anger, and condemnation are the enemy’s pawns. Fortunately, The Battlefield of the Mind, Book and Study Guide Pack will show you how to recognize and stop damaging thought patterns, effectively use spiritual weapons, begin seeing the truth by thinking correctly, find peace, and win the match!

Reviews :

This book is full of information to really help you in your walk with God.It teaches how to be aware of our thoughts and how easy and often the enemy can manipulate our thinking. Our emotions and what we do follows our thinking, so if we guard our thinking and line it up with God’s Word we will live a victorious life.

This book gives the insight of things that we normally think they are normal thoughts, but don’t know that they would cause the enemy to make them as a stronghold. I have become a better Christian, and moreover closer to the lord. I would highly recommend this book to anyone whose life became miserable like mine due to bad thoughts. This book is a clear example of how the lord is sometimes the only answer when one is at crossroads.

About the Author : Joyce Meyer (born in 1943)

Joyce Meyer is one of the most popular Christian personalities in the world and her influence is growing rapidly. With sermons on receiving emotional healing, overcoming the past, freedom from condemnation, and more, Joyce Meyer has grown from an associate pastor at a local St. Louis church to a world wide speaker, author, and conference host. Joyce Meyer has always been a prolific author. Her first book, Tell Them I Love Them, was published well before her ministry was nationally known. Today, Joyce has authored more than 60 books on a wide variety of topics. Books by Joyce Meyer include Battlefield of the Mind, How to Hear From God, Knowing God Intimately, Reduce Me to Love, and more. These books all contain numerous scriptures that are seamlessly applied to everyday life through personal stories from Joyce’s life.

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  1. I have been fighting depresion for 35 years. I think its the worse virues thats what doctors want to call everthing. I have read some of your books . I too was rape by my father . Much more has happened to me but I really want a book I can buy for my son on depression . He is a christian and so am I but I have to fight all the time to stay on the right track.He doesn’t understand at all. Please refer a book so he might understand why I can’t get in my car or why I don;t remember when I took a bath or when i comb my hair I want peace and I want him to stop worry about me . I have my own business i own and operate a hair salon in a small town of 670 . I have no insurance so I depend on God for my insurance for depression sometimes it works sometimes it take a little longer. I’m reading Beauty for Ashes. I want My Son to understand I can not help

  2. I am also truly trust in the power of great thinking. Man have completed when he have the power of thoughts.

  3. i am not alone in this world who is facing problems and pain when i see others i feel really i am lucky and know very well now really god loves me a lot. i am happy with my sorrow and my smile. I know i can win over my devil. yes i indicated devil to say “mine” because god loves me and i loves everything which was made by god. god bless me always that i could not forget your existence in my life. i love u a lot.

  4. Iam frm kenya and i listen to Joyce Meyer everyday in my radio and sometimes on the television,she bless me,God bless her too,i wonder,how did she know all this

  5. Have just finished reading the book. It was a long read but worth it. Learned a lot from it. I highly recommend the book to everyone who wants change in his or her thought pattern and ultimately in his or her life.

  6. well the insperation i got after reading that book was to always think past will never affect my future and to always listen to the voice of GOD.

  7. Is it possible to get yhe battlefield of the mind book for free? and how can i register for enjoying everyday life free magazine?

  8. Listening to you has really helped me a lot. I believe you are really making a positive impact in the world.It is my prayer that many will turn to christ through the great message you deliver. May the good Lord who gave you the strenght,the passion and desire use you to draw many to HIM

  9. I am a Malawian born again christian. I came across your book “Battle of the Mind” but translated in our local language “Chichewa”. Its a very powerful book it can bring one out of stress. I would like to buy the English version please advise on where I can buy the english version in Malawi I will be very happy to have it.

  10. Joyce,i couldn’t have read your book at a better time, at a time when i was actually tormenting myself with “strange” things. Thank you very much, you have alwalys been a source of insipiration for me.

  11. I honestly have not read the book battlefield of the mind, but always heard people talking about it. I HAVE TO BE HONEST I realy pray that some day my mind will forever be able to think Jesus only, praying everyay that God fill me with his Blessed Holy Spirit to take control of every situations troubling my mind especially of the things of the past. please i would love to know what to do. Please Woman of God i would love to always get councelled by you and would love to have a copy of your inspired books by the Holy GHOST to help me with the battle in my mind. God bless your Ministry so much till every corner of the ball.

  12. After l came across your book battle field of the mind l realized that l was in the same situation,l pray that l will be able to overcome it.Where can l get this book in Zimbabwe l really need a copy of my own.

  13. Anybody that have old teared up ,it doesn’t matter how the books look I’m looking for joice meyer books please .thank you

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