Dont Smoke 01 Dont Smoke 02 Dont Smoke 03 Dont Smoke 04

Dont Smoke 05 Dont Smoke 06 Dont Smoke 07 Dont Smoke 08

Dont Smoke 09 Dont Smoke 10 Dont Smoke 11 Dont Smoke 12

Dont Smoke 13 Dont Smoke 14 Dont Smoke 15 Dont Smoke 16

Dont Smoke 17 Dont Smoke 18

Click and see each of these pics given above. And then make a wise decision…

Please don’t smoke. I think all of you are well aware of the ill effects of smoking.

Smoking Kills.

Smoking to me is like suicide. Its death in anticipation.

Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs.

Every breath you take will eventually shorten your life.

Old Habits Die Hard.

– major cause of stroke

– very addictive

– raises blood pressure

– suppresses immune function

– dulls senses of smell and taste

– reduces stamina

– wrinkles your skin

– leads to depression and fatigue

– may cause fatal heart attacks

– may cause emphysema

– may cause gum disease

– may cause cancer

Its your decision. Kill yourself or kill the smoke.

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