As I jumped off the building’s 11th floor

As I jumped off the building’s 11th floor………..

Jumped off the building

10th floor


9th floor


7th floor


6th floor


4th floor


3rd floor


2nd floor


Now the ground zero





Take a look at the 12 pictures given above. They tell us about one person jumping from the 11th floor thinking that he had enough of life’s problems and decided to quit this life. But on the way down to the ground, in each floor, she sees the problems of others through the window, which they all never told anyone.

By the time she passed the 2nd floor, she knew that her problems were smaller when compared to these. But now she cant turn back as she had already done the worst thing by ruining her life by jumping out from her floor. When she hits the ground, all these people from the floors look at her body and they all feel that they are not that bad after all, the same thought she had on the way to the ground.

So friends, act before its too late to turn back. Turn back to God now itself. Who knows, you may not be able to do so at a later time. Submit all your problems to Lord. He created you and He surely knows how to keep you going. Do your part, pray to God, realize that you are not the only one in this world with a variety of problems. Learn to cope with them by relying in God and always show a pleasant face to others, everyone loves that!

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  1. I have tried 2 commit suicide and this msg……….is trully true….keep up the good work…i really love this site.

    May the Lord always protect you and us.

    In Jesus Name…….AMEN……JN

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