Stop Smoking Anti-Smoking Ads – Part 01

Stop Smoking – Here are some anti-smoking ads given right above in these pictures here. Take a look at each of them in their full dimensions so that you can also read the text in the pictures.

About Smokers

Most people who smoke really wish that they shouldn’t smoke again. They are hating this dreadful habit which seem to be very difficult to shed. The fear of serious illness is usually there too, lurking in the background, and always that awful feeling of being powerless to quit.

Outwardly, one might first recognize a smoker by smell. Cigarette smoke clings to clothing, skin and hair. No matter how clean a person is, smoke molecules infiltrate these porous surfaces and settle in to stay, creating a musty odor. Hair and skin might look dull, and there might be wrinkles around the mouth from repetitive puckering. Even with chewing gum, a smoker’s breath might smell like tobacco. Smokers might also accidentally burn or have ash on their clothing, creating holes and marks.

Long-time smokers often experience heavy coughing, hoarseness and changes in physical endurance. Nicotine addiction alters the brain, causing people to become anxious and jumpy unless they have a smoke. Reproductive organ damage from cigarettes also may cause missed periods, low sperm count and early onset menopause.

Why quit smoking?

Yes, we know that smoking causes cancer andemphysema – we know smoking kills and that we’re playing roulette with our health. However, we also know that most smoking-related diseases take years to develop, so we tell ourselves we have time, that nothing will happen to us.

With upwards of 5 million people dying on this planet every year from tobacco use, chances are more than good that we’ll end up a tragic addition to those statistics if we continue smoking.

Here are some reasons people who gave up smoking say:-

1) I was fearful that a smoking-related disease would catch up with me before I found a way to quit smoking. I was worried sick, so to speak
2) I hated the smoker’s cough and shortness of breath I had developed. I knew it was a sign of lung damage, and would only get worse the longer I smoked
3) I hated the smell, the embarrassment, and the need. I especially resented the need. Nicotine dependency made me feel weak and helpless
Are you ready to quit smoking?
Check these pictures of Anti-Smoking Ads given at the top and Part 02 of Anti-Smoking Ads too. And think again if you are not yet ready to quit smoking.

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  1. I gave up for almost the same exact reasons as you. A Lot of people I know continue to smoke because they go around with the mind set that you cant predict what happens in the future. Or people say that they will quit when they want to but they end up smoking their entire lives away. I could not let this be my future. I hated the smell and had enough with the embarassement and cost of smoking cigarettes. Stay cigarette free my friend. I am 18 days strong myself.

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