Make Your Dream A Reality

Make Your Dream A Reality

All of us love to be successful and fruitful. And it is the Lord’s will for us to be so (3 John 2). However some people struggle to be successful. One reason is that they try to live in the future and forget to live in the present!

It is absolutely right and necessary to have a goal or dream. Without this, we won’t move forward and grow upward. But some are so possessed by their dreams that they forget to analyze their present situation and take appropriate actions.

For example, let us think about a girl studying for nursing. She passionately dreams of working as a successful nurse in a prosperous country and buying a beautiful house for her family. Her dream is good. But if she is going to try to live like that in the present, she will suffer greatly because now she is not even a nurse but only a nursing student!

So rather than living in that dream, she must asses her present situation and make use of every opportunity and resource that she has to study well. As she continues day after day in living focused on the present with her dream in mind, one day she will be able to reach that goal.

This is exactly what the Holy Spirit exhorts us in the Scriptures: Make the very most of the time [buy up each opportunity] – (see Ephesians 5:16)

As Christ disciples, we are called to live in the present. We cannot live in the past or the future. The past is over and the future is yet to come. The only thing that we have in our hands is the present. Cease it! Make use of it!

Are you dissatisfied today because your dream is not coming true? If so, it is good to check whether you are really living in the present. Are you making use of every opportunity, relationship and resource that are available to you right now? Or is your mind full of thoughts about things that you are going to have in the future?

Cease the day. Live today. Do it every day. And your dream will become a reality!

– – – Written By Joe Abraham & Ancy Joe

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