Rexband – Jesus Youth Songs

Over 25 professionals active in various fields with a distinctive talent in music and theatre dare to call themselves the Rexband – composing Jesus Youth Songs – in honour of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Experiencing the joy of liberating Christian music themselves, the band came together with a commitment to take this gift of quality Contemporary Christian Music and its message to the new generation. Evolving out of a life-changing encounter with Jesus through the Jesus Youth movement, the band members are comfortable in using styles of the younger generation to reach out to today’s urbanized youth through music albums, stage shows and encounter programmes.

With musicians from varied backgrounds like Indian classical or western classical to rock, pop and R&B, the band has managed to evolve a unique style over the past ten years. A style that has opened up exciting ethnic influences in Contemporary Christian Music in India.

Besides the 3-hour stage shows, the band also considers its retreats for musicians, music skill development programmes for budding talents and life encounter programmes as vital elements of its call. Rexband strongly believes that music becomes relevant only when its quality and message brings about a genuine change of heart. The typical 3-hour Rexband show is an extravaganza integrating music, choreography and contemporary theatre performances by Living Vision, a premier Christian theatre initiative. It works in tandem with the band to present the message of Jesus in a powerful and attractive way.

Rexband Albums:-

Realizing that quality contemporary Christian music is scarce in the Indian music scenario, the band has endeavoured to reach out to music lovers through its eleven albums in various languages over the past decade.

Dance With Jesus

Rexband’s latest album released in 2010.


The album was released in 2008.

Destination Christ

The album released in 2005, includes a tribute to John Paul II.

Roses in Winter

This landmark album, which established the band’s signature style of music, is targeted at young people with a flair for contemporary music.

Quiet Waters

A collection of Psalms chosen from the NIV version of the Bible set to contemplative music

Different Vibes

An instrumental version of popular Rexband melodies orchestrated by Stephen Devassy, the virtuoso pianist of the group

Best of Rexband

A compilation of popular Rexband hits from various collections both in English and Malayalam.

Rexband Live Concerts:-

* Over 500 shows across India including Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Bangalore, Mangalore and more

* First Indian band to perform live on main stage at World Youth Day at Toronto, Canada in 2002.

* Toured the UK in 2005 performing in Liverpool, London, Chesterfield and Belfast.

* Toured US & Canada in 2002 performing in New York, New Jersey, Washington, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Chicago, Ottawa and Toronto

* Toured the Middle East, performing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Contact Rexband:-

Shelton Pinheiro

Co-ordinator Rexband

Telephone: +91 9895711869