Rexband – Jesus Youth Songs

Rexband – Jesus Youth Songs

Over 25 professionals active in various fields with a distinctive talent in music and theatre dare to call themselves the Rexband – composing Jesus Youth Songs – in honour of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Experiencing the joy of liberating Christian music themselves, the band came together with a commitment to take this gift of quality Contemporary Christian Music and its message to the new generation. Evolving out of a life-changing encounter with Jesus through the Jesus Youth movement, the band members are comfortable in using styles of the younger generation to reach out to today’s urbanized youth through music albums, stage shows and encounter programmes.

With musicians from varied backgrounds like Indian classical or western classical to rock, pop and R&B, the band has managed to evolve a unique style over the past ten years. A style that has opened up exciting ethnic influences in Contemporary Christian Music in India.

Besides the 3-hour stage shows, the band also considers its retreats for musicians, music skill development programmes for budding talents and life encounter programmes as vital elements of its call. Rexband strongly believes that music becomes relevant only when its quality and message brings about a genuine change of heart. The typical 3-hour Rexband show is an extravaganza integrating music, choreography and contemporary theatre performances by Living Vision, a premier Christian theatre initiative. It works in tandem with the band to present the message of Jesus in a powerful and attractive way.

Rexband Albums

Realizing that quality contemporary Christian music is scarce in the Indian music scenario, the band has endeavoured to reach out to music lovers through its eleven albums in various languages over the past decade.

Dance With Jesus

Rexband’s latest album released in 2010.


The album was released in 2008.

Destination Christ

The album released in 2005, includes a tribute to John Paul II.

Roses in Winter

This landmark album, which established the band’s signature style of music, is targeted at young people with a flair for contemporary music.

Quiet Waters

A collection of Psalms chosen from the NIV version of the Bible set to contemplative music

Different Vibes

An instrumental version of popular Rexband melodies orchestrated by Stephen Devassy, the virtuoso pianist of the group

Best of Rexband

A compilation of popular Rexband hits from various collections both in English and Malayalam.

Rexband Live Concerts:-

* Over 500 shows across India including Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Bangalore, Mangalore and more

* First Indian band to perform live on main stage at World Youth Day at Toronto, Canada in 2002.

* Toured the UK in 2005 performing in Liverpool, London, Chesterfield and Belfast.

* Toured US & Canada in 2002 performing in New York, New Jersey, Washington, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Chicago, Ottawa and Toronto

* Toured the Middle East, performing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Contact Rexband:-

Shelton Pinheiro

Co-ordinator Rexband

Telephone: +91 9895711869


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  1. Dear Shelton Pinheiro,

    I would liket to get Mr. Stephen Devassy’s contact details….can you help me for that…

    With thanks and regards

    Bindu Thomas

  2. I stumbled on this site, when I was looking out for “I lift my eyes up” song.. Thank you very much …

    Who ever is in charge of this website.. I’d like to thank you and let you know that every minute, people around the world get touched with the inspiring messages posted here.

    God Bless You

  3. I liked the song Nithya prakasham from Rex band and wanted to download it
    Is it possible for me to get the song

  4. Hello,

    Could you advise if there’s an option to purchase Rexband’s albums? I’ve searched on their website, but there seems to be no such option.

    Thank you and God bless!

    Sharon and Nishanth

  5. Hi Sharon,

    In the albums list, click on the Destination Christ link , to get any song from that album for free download or playback. Be a little patient as I make Son Rise also available for download from here, soon. God Bless.

    Georgy N Joseph

  6. Hello Shelton & the entire Rexband….
    Peace of Christ be with U all….

    i am a big fan of your band & i am very closely associated with your friends & relatives in Dubai, i keep listening to your albums everyday along with my wife, u people are really fantastic filled with Holy Spirit producing heart rendering music with meaningful word of God…me & my wife were really fasinated with the Dubai show, i was totally ground ‘O’ listening to Stephen, Hector & Alphonse, i am a strong music lover, please do keep my children in prayers so that one day they become like u people serving the one & only Our Lord Jesus……….i wish u people a wonderful ongoing journey towards the Lord, u people will always be in our prayers in doing what the Lord has entrusted u’ll to do…..

    warm regards with showers of blessing from Above…

  7. hai shelton bhai

    can u send me the lyrics of {“people walking” and “his loves like”} songs from roses in winter

  8. Hi i would like to know if you could post the SOn RIse rexband Album here….cant find that anywhere…it would be really greatful. Thank you in advance!

  9. hi every one……pls do pray for a one week old baby who is in NICU becoz of low sugar…bit serious…..

  10. Hi Jal,

    We have removed the download option currently, due to copyright laws. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. You can play the songs from these pages as much as you want.

    God Bless You

  11. Dear sir,

    I would like to get the lyrics of rexband song that begins people walk around without knowning were they going.
    If possible please send it to the above email id.


  12. hi,
    i came across this website while looking for the song ‘we who stumble in darkness’ from the album Roses in Winter… please do let me know how to download it at the earliest, i looked for it and couldnt find it..

  13. Dear Brothers and Systers

    Today I saw your two videos – Halleluiah Praise the Lord, You alone are holy in YouTube. Those are very nice and Great. I want to buy Original DVD video and ACD with you. I like English and Tamil languages. I don’t know how many albums you have. Can you send details and price (only English and Tamil) Please. Post charge also. I am living in Switzerland.

    Thank you

    God Bless You.


  14. Hi All
    I was surfing in the net when i came across the rex band song Hallelujah praise the lord. its awesome……
    Rex Band is a superb team specially made by Jeasus……. Thanks for the songs u sing which will change many many lives

  15. Hi,

    Where can I get d CD of “THE REX BAND IV” …..
    M desperate to get d CD…. Pls help!!!

  16. Hi

    Could u pls tell me from where i can download Rexband songs for free or if that’s not available, how i can purchase it online..

    Thanks n Regards

  17. Praise the lord….I love RexBand songs it always brings joy to me while listening to these songs and makes me realise the almighty’s love… THANK YOU JESUS!

  18. There was an old cassette of REXBAND named “WE DECLARE”.Do anyone have the songs of it?? I would love to hear the songs of the cassette again.

  19. Hi Georgy
    How r u?
    I would like to purchase all the cd’s of Rex Band (Especially Quit waters) How will i get it?

  20. Hi!

    I’m looking for the video for the song below. I was told that this song is by Rexband. Hope you can help me in finding the video for the lyrics mentioned below:

    Jesus sets me absolutely free
    Died on Calvary to give me liberty
    Jesus sets me absolutely free
    Praise His name.

    That’s enough to make me sing (2)
    My sins are all forgiven
    And I am on my way to heaven
    That’s enough to make me (2)
    That’s enough to make me sing
    That’s enough to make me

    Thank you and God bless!!!

    Your fan

  21. I would highly appreciate if i could know whether rexband would take up born again christian programmes as well. If not , would you be able to provide me with some born again christian band groups same like rexband ?

  22. hello any jesus youth can please help me, i want the karoake of “IF YOU WANT TO DREAM TO BE” i want that urgently because monday i want to teach this song to my class so please kindly help me dears

  23. I want to buy rex band song cd’s. I am living abroad.Can you help me with this so that i can buy and get it shipped to my house in india and then someone can bring it over to me


  25. Hi,
    Roses in Winter was my favourite album and it played a big part in shaping my spiritual life. But unfortunately I lost that CD. Is there any place where I can buy/download one ?
    Please reply.

  26. Hello Shelton & the entire Rexband…….

    i am a big fan of your band . I keep listening to your albums. u people are really giving fantastic music with meaningful word of God.Thanx a ton for such songs..

    please let me know the actual site/link for downloading your songs..

    looking forward for more touching songs from you people.

    thank yu,

  27. How can i get a copy of roses in winter . Please let me know that is the best album i will pay any amount to get it . Its nostalgia . Please please

  28. Do you have the link to the song,

    “Those who stumble in darkness have now found a great light”? By Rex Band. If yes, please do share :)

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