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Chittoor Retreat Centre

Hi friends, last week I attended an Inner Healing Retreat at Chittoor Retreat Centre, Ernakulam, Kerala, India. This christian retreat centre in kerala held a beautiful retreat which was for one week, starting on 25th July to 30th July at the retreat centre. Around 500 people came from distant places and stayed in the retreat center. Among them were children, teenagers, youth, couples and grandparents.

The Christian Retreat was really a very nice experience to me as it forced me to think about all those aspects of Christianity which i had never thought about, till date. I will share with you all the main topics of the classes taken at the retreat centre and about the spiritual services that were offered us from this retreat centre. Some of them were …

1.Specialties of God’s love
2.Power of Prayer
3.Sin in general
4.Each commandment explained in detail
5.Abortion – The new murderer
5.Should we pray to Virgin Mary?
7.Christ – The only saviour
8.Facts about Confession
9.Power of the Holy Mass
10.You and your family
11.Inner Healing
12.All about Holy Spirit
13.Things one should do to remain in the spirit

I wonder whether many people know about this amazing christian retreat centre in Kerala, India. I really loved the retreat which I attended here in this Chittoor retreat center. I am sure you all would like to see the contact details of the Chittoor centre.

Retreats at Chittoor Retreat Centre

Inner Healing Retreat
(Friday 5 pm to Wed 1.30 pm)

For advance room booking, contact us on 0484-2430508

Contact Details

Chittoor Retreat Centre
Snehasusrushalayam, South Chittoor
Ernakulam- 682027, Kerala, India
Tel. Ph: +91 484 2430508, 2432508
Email :

If you have never attended any retreat here in this Chittoor Centre (Snehasusrushalayam), any retreat, for example a youth retreat, couples retreat, family retreat, christeen retreat… anyone among these, then I highly recommend you do it at the earliest. I am 100% sure that it will be a life-changing experience for each one of you.