Lord, I can’t go on…


A young man was at the end of his rope,
Seeing no way out, he dropped to his knees in prayer.

“Lord, I can’t go on,” he said.
“I have too heavy a cross to bear.”

The Lord replied,

“My son, If you can’t bear its weight,
Just place your cross Inside This room.

Then, open that other door
And pick out any cross you wish.”

The man was filled with relief and said,
“Thank you Lord,” and he did as he was told.

Upon entering the other room, he saw many crosses;
Some so large the tops were not visible.

Then, he spotted a tiny cross leaning
Against a far wall.

“I’d like that one, Lord,” he whispered.

The Lord replied, “My son that is the cross you just brought in.”


When life’s problems seem overwhelming,
It helps
To look around and see
What other people are coping with.

You may consider yourself
Far more fortunate than you imagined.

As it says in this poem below,

Whatever your cross
Whatever your pain
There will always be sunshine
After the rain

Perhaps you may stumble
Perhaps even fall
But God’s always there
To help you through it all

4 thoughts on “Lord, I can’t go on…”

  1. Amen! My mother use to tell me that there is always someone else who has problems bigger than yours. Her words were oh so true.

    God bless and thank you for the powerful post my friend.

  2. This soothes me. I’ve been thru a lot of marital and domestic issues for months and I really don’t know what to do at the moment. I think I need an annulment but I pity my kids, but if this will go on, my kids will suffer the harsh words and hands of their father. What should I do? I always continue to pray and ask God for guidance. If you have some advice, please drop me a mail.

  3. so the Lord is saying ‘son your problem is really quite small – don’t bother Me’
    while i understand the sentiment that there is always someone worse off…i doubt if this is Gods answer when we ask for help in that it is no answer. also if someone like myself just happened upon your site in need of encouragement or guidence…this story while clever would provide no comfort.

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