This Video clip shows Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade in ROMANIA.

This preacher or healer is not the one healing these people. He is only but a tool for the holy spirit to manifest itself though him to bring healing. He is what some people may call a cleansed vessel.

Many people think these miracles are not real, but I am here to tell you that I was healed of a crushed disk in my back by praying with some guys on a TV show that was like this. JESUS CHRIST IS REAL!!! I have also had other healings from HIM. I have also had a glimpse behind the veils. Oh baby, slam yourself down on your knees and accept JESUS CHRIST into your heart NOW!!! You have no idea how real he really IS!!! – Mr.Belle.

The healing come by faith in God through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. the man is not the healer. God is the Mighty healer Hallleujah, have faith and recieve our healing.

God is Good, Believe and recieve your healing in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ the Lord. Touch the hem of His Garment and recieve your healing. It is not in the man. It is in God. The healings come from your faith in God’s Mighty Power to heal you in His Son’s Name Jesus. Believe  in His Healing touch. Hallelujah.