Poem : Holy Spirit Dwell In Me

Holy Spirit Dwell In Me

The flesh can not Please God.
Earthly desires,
Its goals and pursuits,
Have no eternal value.

God in us, His Holy spirit,
Will please God
His justice will be found
in our hearts, minds and souls.

He who raised Christ
Will raise us up!
When we yield To the Holy Spirit,
We die to fleshly desires.

We are the sons and daughters
Of God adopted by Him
He is our Abba Father!
Unity and Oneness, found in Him

Draw closer to Christ only this
Gives us true freedom In Him
by His Holy Spirit sent
to be our comforter.

In the solace of Adoration
I ask the Holy Spirit to pray thorough me
Giving my mind, heart
and Spirit to Him

The Holy Spirit knows How to Pray For me.
Better than I do myself,
John Paul II encouraged us to
do this and cry out to Him.

“Come, Holy Spirit pray for me!”
For my children, my spouse, My friends,
my everyday needs.
You know my needs before I even
Bring them to you.

Lord send out your spirit
And renew the face of the earth!
Jesus  My Lord, My God and My Savior,
May we know unity by Your Holy Spirit.

We have a love that can never
Be taken from us,
Pray for us Holy Spirit,
With our Fathers Love. Amen!

– – – written by Cyndi Robinson

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