Poem : Silence is God’s First Language

Silence is Gods first language

In the silencemy soul screams And Noise ofthe clamoring worldIs deaf to my soul Let it be freeTo feelTo know To be what it isWithout outward soundsTo dilute its purity Silenceas beauty Silenceas a tragedy Silenceof being Silenceof knowing Silenceof regret Silenceof consent Silenceof peace Silenceof stillness And reverenceAnd conformity Silence in Himspeaking to me … Read more

Poem : Love Without Borders

Love Without Borders

I want to be Your weakness The one you can’t Say no to The one you value Over all others The one you give Yourself to Expecting only to Have such love Reflected back upon Yourself in reciprocity. The more you give Yourself to me The more I return This love to you. The deeper … Read more

Poem : Becoming…


I never truly saw anything Until my heart opened my eyes Crawling alone in silence Each move closer to the Source of sustenance. I then, as a Chrysalis Stood still to spin my cocoon. Laying still, silent and prostrate inside Awaiting transformation. And when the time was right To emerge complete and Fully changed. Becoming … Read more

Poem : Halo and Horns

Halo and Horns

The Halo and Horns part of me, The struggle with soul and spirit, The longing, the sadness, The turning from truth… The mourning of a wasted life Oft spent in much misery. The fear of breaking free, The fear of leaving what I know For the unknown… The fear of loss of His promise I … Read more