Poem : Yes I am a Backward Catholic

I am a Backward Catholic

I am a Backward Catholic,
Back to Basics,
Back to Truth,
Back to Birth,
And choosing
Life over Death.

Backwards to a world
Where people prayed more,
And strayed from faith less.
Back to the Family
As the mainstay of society.

Back to Belief,
Back to Hope,
Back to Loving others
As we Love ourselves.

Yes, I am a “Backward Catholic”.
Are you?

– – – written by Cyndi Robinson

7 thoughts on “Poem : Yes I am a Backward Catholic”

  1. I love your poem. You are right on target. I also am a backward Catholic. Thank you for sharing it. Are you on Facebook? I would like to put your poem on my Facebook page, with your permission of course. Don’t feel obligated. There so many who would benefit from your poem, especially fallen away and non practicing Catholics. God bless you.

    Deacon Steve A. Politte

  2. Going forward as a Catholic remember that Mother Mary is not worshipped in the Bible or even mentioned by any letter or apostle anywhere as a center of veneration or mediation. Did Mary die for you? She was a human being who was not sinless. Making her sinless would make her God because sinlessness is only an attribute of God and God alone. The trinity does not include Mother Mary. So move forward as a Catholic but without the false doctrine of the immaculate conception which is heretical Mary worship.

  3. If any of my dreams could ever come true, it would be the one where i dream about you, it started one night with the stars shining bright you were in my arms and I was holding you tight, then i whispered in your ear this sweat loving Lear that went straight to your heart and brought out a tear. But i have one answer and I don’t need a clue, and that’s to this question when can I marry you? Love Jimmy

  4. cherubim,sheribeum,guardian, arkangels, saints and Blessed mother dear from whom gods love commits us here ever this day be at my (our) side. to light and guide to guard and heal to teach and love as I (we) love you. Amen

  5. I believe in one god the father almighty creator of heaven and earth, and all things living. I believe in one lord Jesus Christ the only begotten son of the father god from god light from light true god from true god one in being with the other through him all things were made for us men and for our salvation he came down from heaven by the power of the holy spirit was born from the holy mother and became man. he was persecuted by pontius pilate crucified died and was buried. on the third day he rose again from the dead in fulfillment of the scriptures . he ascended into heaven where he sits at the right hand of god the father almighty from there he will come again to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom will have no end. I believe in the holy spirit the lord the giver of life who processes from the father and the sun like the father and the sun is worshiped and glorified who has spoken through the holy trinity. I believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church the holy communion of saints and angels one baptism for the forgiveness of sinners, I look forward to the resurrection of the body and all life in this world amen.

  6. my poems are not backwards and any catholic who claims to be a backward catholic is really and truthfully a demon worshiper. and I a living catholic am apoled that some one would claim to be a catholic backwards. our holy bible is straight forward and true and not full of lies and decite as a backword catholic. may god bless you

  7. I am a backward Catholic. I like backward churches that smell of wood polish and incense and candle wax and faith. I like backward tabernacles in the center of the church behind the main altar, an eternal flame flickering constantly behind red glass to signal the Blessed Sacrament is reserved. I like genuflecting with one knee all the way to the floor (though that’s getting harder every year and I might have to ease up on that one.) I like backward side altars with marzipan-colored statues of the saints posed contemplating a crucifix, or proffering the instruments of their martyrdom, bathed in the light of backward banks of votive candles lit by people praying for their intercession. I like backward confession booths with dusty red curtains and the little light that goes on when you kneel, letting you know to wait while the priest finishes hearing the person on his other side. I like the backward rasp the little door makes when he’s ready to hear your confession and I like the backward old ritual prayers that you both knew by heart and which made speaking your greatest faults to a stranger (or a friend) in the dark somehow not at all awkward. I like backward silence. Especially when it is time to receive my Lord. I’ve never been able to carry a hymnal and receive in the hand and keep singing the offering hymn while trying not to chew the host. I have many, many not backward at all beliefs about women priests and gay marriage and social justice and I don’t think I need to give up my backward ways to still hold them. I guesss that makes me a backward Catholic of one!

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