Holy Spirit Poems

Holy Spirit Poems

Holy, Holy Spirit Poem

Holy, Holy Spirit, I have quenched your flame.
I received you, but I grieved you
when conviction came.

Holy, Holy Spirit, whom I have despised,
Jesus sent you and He meant you
when He prophesied

that He would send the Holy Spirit
showing me the way
and leading me into the truth,
the truth I disobey,
revealing life and liberty
that I have shoved away.

Holy, Holy Spirit, present in my heart,
I repent of grieving your love.
Please do not depart.

Holy, Holy Spirit, when I hear your voice,
confirmation of salvation
makes my heart rejoice!

– – – written by Michael Rew

Come Holy Spirit Poem

Come, Holy Spirit, come in power
You wish us all to bloom and flower
Fill us now with all we need
Change us, as on You we feed.

Help us concentrate on You
Waiting for Your point of view
Show us where we need to change
Our priorities, rearrange.

Lead us to The precious Lamb
Father God’s most loving plan
Let us celebrate Him now
And to Him lets make a vow.

We desire to seek His face
Put Him in His proper place
Head of all we say and do
Come, Holy Spirit, help us to.

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  1. These poems touched my heart and expressed the deep feelings I could not put into words! Thank you to the poets and for their Godly inspiration!

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