Poem : The Family Bible

The Family Bible

Old Brother Higgins built a shelf,
for the family Bible to rest itself,
lest a sticky finger or grimy thumb
might injure the delicate pages some.
He cautioned his children to touch it not,
and it rested there with never a blot,
though the Higgins tribe were a troublesome lot.

His neighbour, Miggins, built a shelf.
“Come, children,” he said, “and help yourself”.
His book is old and ragged and worn,
with some of the choicest pages torn,
where children have fingered and numbered and read.
But of the Miggins tribe I’ve heard it said,
each carries a Bible in his head”

It is important for us, whether children or adults, to plant ourselves in God’s Word every day, so that we might always carry the scriptures in our head and heart wherever we go.

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