Poem : Beer

Beer Poem

Please tell me something
Why people curse my name
Why when trouble happens
I’m always to blame

I’m just a drink
Made to quench the thirst
After having several
Most people behave worse

I’m made from wheat
Barely, rice or malt
Because people enjoy me
It’s not my fault

Some drink for courage
Some drink for fun
Some to look cool
Some to become numb

No matter the reason
I’m still just a drink
It’s up to you to control
Your actions and what you think

Some people act stupid
When filled with me
Others laughing, some abusive
I affect everyone differently

Remember it’s the person
Who has the control?
So stop making me
Play the bad-guy role

– – – written by Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

Many times when people had been drinking and bad situations happen , others blame their behavior on beer, “he was drinking”, “ignore it it was just the beer talking,” “i did that only because i was drinking” etc….

People who drink and act stupid or do something they normally wouldn’t do need to stand up and take responsibility for their behavior, it wasn’t the beer, it was YOU, you choose to react in a certain way while drinking, which gives you the perfect excuse.

Do you blame your bad behavior on soda, “oh forgive me i was drinking mountain dew last night,”. Anyway I wrote this poem then gave it to my sister after listening to her use drinking beer as her excuse for her wrong behavior and choices. – Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

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