Poem : You are such an awesome God

I just want to say thank you
For this life you’ve given me
For all the wondrous blessings
For setting my spirit free

You are such an awesome God
Who only gives the best
Giving us a life of hope
When we face all kinds of tests

For often we face in life
Struggles of every kind
Little things can get us down
And peace is far from our minds

But you give hope to carry on
No matter what we face
When we feel like giving up
Unable to finish the race

You step in just in time
With angels heaven sent
To encourage us to carry on
And to give us extra strength

So I praise you Lord for whom you are
And for all that I can be
For I’d never have a better life
Apart from your life in me.


–  M.S.Lowndes

2 thoughts on “Poem : You are such an awesome God”

  1. He picked me up in the darkness and planted me in the light now am a free living creature i love God.praise him all the time.

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