Poem : God Only Knows

God Knows Why

God opens doors of opportunity that
No one can close.
Do not be upset
When you encounter troubles,
Good things will happen in our lives.

Leave all deadly sins behind
Including jealousy and hatred.
Be faithful to Him and
Do the righteous ways.

Even though someone
“Put your life in danger and in sorrows.”
Be happy each day and
Learn how to forgive.

He knows our desires before
We even know them.
Learn how to appreciate
His Almighty Blessings.

Indeed, we will be able to thank Him
With all our hearts and
With all our souls as
He works in a mysterious ways.

Therefore, God only knows what
No one can predict.
Be thankful each day and
Live happily.

– – – written by Alon Calinao Dy

I dedicate this poem to our Almighty God and to all people who continue to do good things. People may look bad on you, criticize you and pull you down but there’s God who knows and sees everything. Therefore, do not be upset… God always knows the truth. He knows our desires before we even know them. – Alon Calinao Dy

6 thoughts on “Poem : God Only Knows”

  1. This is a best poem dedicated to God. Every line is so meaningful. Thanks to Turnbacktogod and to the writer Alon Dy!

  2. I am searching a good poem for God in the internet and then I find this beautiful poem. Yes I truly agree that every line is not only meaningful but very true. Actually this is what God wants us to be but for people like us, it’s very hard to follow the will of God. Anyway, I truly love this poem! This is true and this comes from a person with a golden heart.

  3. Wow this is beutifully written from the heart. Every line is wonderful and meaningful. I repeat reading this poem and it is soft in the tongue. I like the writer of this poem with a good heart making this one. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful poem only for those few who was been chosen by God… Unluckily I am not one of those few. You said He knows our desire before we even know it, but why of all the blessings that He bestowed upon me, He knows deep in my heart that there is none so precious as my only son, so why then He let Him commit suicide?

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