Poem : Mary, The Immaculate

Mary The Immaculate

God willed through His Spirit
A ‘preservative redemption’
For Mary – the Mother of His Son.

Being The Creator
And apart from His Creation
His will was done.

For in no manner could His Word
Becoming Jesus – Our Savior from
Sin – be stained with the Original
Sin of Adam and Eve.

Thus, God, The Father ordained
That The Mother of Our Lord Jesus
Would be immaculate, that is,
Free from any trace of Original Sin.

Those in denial of this truth
Are claiming that Jesus was ‘a sinner’.
Thus the source of the latter
Can only be – the father of lies!

May God have mercy on them
And bring them to the TRUTH!!!

– – – written by Liam Ó Comáin

6 thoughts on “Poem : Mary, The Immaculate”

  1. This isn’t really true. If Christ needed his Mother to be free from sin, so that He could be free from sin, then it would follow that in order for Mary to be free from sin, Anna would have to be free from sin, ect. ect. ect. , all the way back to Eve.

    The Immaculate Conception is a teaching dear to my heart and I am a Catholic. But I have to say, I’ve heard this ‘argument’ before and it has never made any sense to me.

  2. Immaculate Conception of Mary is a dogma of faith,proclaimed by the Holy Father who has the gift of infallibility.The sin of Adam and Eve has tainted the entire human race because of their sin of disobedience.It was due to their desire to become like unto God in spite of their special state of grace given to them.They obeyed Satan instead of obeying God.Mary who was to bring forth Christ,the sinless divine person, cannot in anyway tarnished by sin. Mary who has to bring forth Christ cannot be tainted by any sin,not even by the original sin.Mary also needed redemption from the original sin. But in her case, the redeeming grace of the passion and death of Jesus Christ was applied in an anticipatory manner,before the act of redemption took place in time. The redeeming act of Jesus Christ was applied to her at the time of her conception in an anticipatory way long before the redeeming act took place, for God is not subject to time.

  3. cheryl
    do you remember what Blessed Mother Said To Saint Bernadette of Lourdes?
    “I am the Immaculate Conception.”
    a similar style of saying as of Jesus “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”
    I don’t say that Our Lady is a Goddess or Divine. what i want to say is Our Lady is sinless even if her mother Anna was not.(free of Original Sin)

  4. Guys, Reread what I wrote.

    I never said Mary wasn’t the Immaculate Conception.
    She is!!!!
    This is what I wrote:”The Immaculate Conception is a teaching dear to my heart”

    What I disagree with is a particular argument expressed in the poem. Specifically, that Mary needed to be sinless in order for Christ to be sinless.

    Look at it this way:
    Anna was conceived with original sin, yet she conceived Mary without sin. Anna did not need to be sinless to have a sinless child. Likewise Mary, did not need to be sinless to have a sinless child.

    If a sinless child requires a sinless heredity via it’s Mother, then she in turn requires the same of her mother and so forth and so on.

    Again. I believe Mary was immaculately conceived. What I don’t agree with is this ‘sinless heredity’ argument. There’s a difference between dogma and arguments used in defense of that dogma.

  5. I don’t believe that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is also free from original sin. Of course, Jesus is the only one who is free because He is the Son of GoD the father. This is a big issue. I think this must be reviewed well.

  6. Cheryl,
    God is sinless for he is LOVE and love is the opposite of sin.Thus, in no way would the Son of God be born in the womb of a sinner.So Mary was preserved from ‘sin’.That is why Mary is referred to as The Immaculate Conception.It is but logic.
    That is why he could not be conceived in the womb of a sinner- in fact as a man the Word died in opposition to sin- thus it is crazy to believe that he was born to a sinner.

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