Poem : She is My Mother

She is My Mother

She is a woman Who feeds, cuddles, and loves me. The one who gave birth to me. I’m her greatest fan. She is my mother Who loves my father, Does anything for her children And takes care of her grandchildren. She is my best friend too, Comforts me when I feel blue. She is my … Read more

Poem : 100 Years Old

100 Years Old

You are 100 years old Means 100 years of blessings From Our Lord Jesus Christ. You live life to the fullest. You have lost your youth But your heart is gold Nothing is more important than All the wonderful things that you did. People will never forget you They’ll respect and love you Though death … Read more

Poem : Why I Believe in God

Why I Believe in God

Just like everyone else, I have ups and downs in life. But I do believe in God More than anyone in this world. I believe in God Almighty For He is my refuge. He shows me the right path of life And guides me every step of the way. When I feel the weight of … Read more

Poem : I Love Jesus

I Love you Jesus

I love Jesus, not because of the wealth men claim He can give me. I love Jesus, not because He can do miracles in my life. He has. I love Jesus, not for the healing my body needs, yet he heals me anyway. I love Jesus, for I am a sinner who repents daily and … Read more

Poem : It’s Christmas Day

Its Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day! Cherish every moment Life is what you make it Live life to its fullest And love every person you meet. It’s Christmas Day! Love is a precious gift Share it and love it Life is not perfect So learn how to forgive and forget. It’s Christmas Day! Show the world your love … Read more