Poem : She is My Mother

She is My Mother

She is a woman
Who feeds, cuddles, and loves me.
The one who gave birth to me.
I’m her greatest fan.

She is my mother
Who loves my father,
Does anything for her children
And takes care of her grandchildren.

She is my best friend too,
Comforts me when I feel blue.
She is my best mother,
I couldn’t replace her with another.

She is a sweet and loving parent
Who cooks my favorite foods,
Does household chores
And looks after my grandparents.

She does multi tasks
And gives me anything I ask
Because for her,
I’m her wealth and power.

When I was a child,
She taught me how to fear God.
Sometimes, I found it awkward
But she would understand.

When I married my fiancee
She told me,
“Love your wife as your mother.”
Her advice I’d treasure forever.

Every now and then,
She would send an email.
She would always tell,
“I love you and I miss you son.”

She is my mother,
A wonderful mother
To her sons and daughter.
I am very proud of her.

– – – written by Alon Calinao Dy

This poem is dedicated to all mothers of the world. To my mother Mila Calinao Dy who passed the NCLEX Exam and for her upcoming 55th birthday this month. Stay healthy mom and thank you Lord God for the blessings that you gave to us. - Alon Calinao Dy

3 thoughts on “Poem : She is My Mother”

  1. It’s Really good… God is Great. I am Really Very Very happy to get a very loving mother.. Her name is Anne …

  2. Yes this is a very wonderful poem that fits for mother’s day. I will send this poem to my mother and she must read this one so that she will know how much I really love her from the bottom of my heart, and thank you, thank you for this very inspiring poem. I enjoy reading this poem.thanks. thanks. Thanks!

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