Poem : Discover The World God Created

A Helping Hand

God created the blind,
so that you can appreciate your sight.

God created the deaf,
so that you can appreciate that you can hear.

God created the mute,
so that you can appreciate that you can speak.

God created the ugly,
so that you can appreciate beauty.

God allows sickness,
so that you can appreciate your health.

God created the poor,
so that you can appreciate your wealth.

God didn’t create the poor to be deprived,
or the ill to suffer, or the weak to be defenseless.

God created a system of harmony,
a world in which everyone gives and everyone receives.

The strong defend the weak,
and the weak teach sensitivity to the strong.

The wise teach wisdom to the ignorant,
and the ignorant teach humility to the wise.

The rich give the poor valuables to enjoy in life,
and the poor give the rich an opportunity to make life valuable.

There’s a vast eternal plan, and you play a part.

So go out and find your counterpart,
begin to share what you have and receive what you lack.

You will soon discover a world of health, wealth, peace, and love.
You will discover the world God created.

3 thoughts on “Poem : Discover The World God Created”

  1. thought provoking song. let us thank God for all the blessings He has given to us rather than sinking into gloom because of the infirmities and shortages we have. Praises and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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