Poem : Lord Jesus, You Are The One

Lord Jesus You Are The One

Lord Jesus, You are the one Who gives me strength and hope When doubts and fears arise. Who stands alone for me Overcoming life’s adversaries. Who protects me from devastation And helps me resist life’s temptations. Who leads me the right path to choose In most difficult situations of my life. Who saves me when … Read more

Poem : Our Lord Jesus Is With You

Our Lord Jesus is With You

You may be alone in this world With no friends around you ‘Cause every word you say is true, Our Lord Jesus is with you. You may feel abandon by your loved ones Family, relatives, and friends. Put all your trust to our Lord Jesus, He will guide you throughout your sorrows. You may be … Read more

Poem : God Is My Secret

God Is My Secret

People are asking me, Why I’m so happy? They know it’s not my birthday, Yet I have the happiest face. They come and tell me, “You’re a nice person I ever met.” They can’t believe what’s on me Like I have inner mystery and secret. When I walk down the road, Friends are calling my … Read more

Poem : I Love You Lord Jesus

I Love You Lord Jesus

I love you, Lord. I love you, Lord More than anyone in this world Because Your love is the greatest of all. I love you, Lord For You are my Protector When the world is against me. I love you, Lord Because You are the one Who gives me strength and hope. I love you, … Read more