Poem : I Love Jesus

I Love you Jesus

I love Jesus, not because of the wealth men claim He can give me. I love Jesus, not because He can do miracles in my life. He has. I love Jesus, not for the healing my body needs, yet he heals me anyway. I love Jesus, for I am a sinner who repents daily and … Read more

Poem : It’s Christmas Day

Its Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day! Cherish every moment Life is what you make it Live life to its fullest And love every person you meet. It’s Christmas Day! Love is a precious gift Share it and love it Life is not perfect So learn how to forgive and forget. It’s Christmas Day! Show the world your love … Read more

Poem : Lord Jesus, You Are The One

Lord Jesus You Are The One

Lord Jesus, You are the one Who gives me strength and hope When doubts and fears arise. Who stands alone for me Overcoming life’s adversaries. Who protects me from devastation And helps me resist life’s temptations. Who leads me the right path to choose In most difficult situations of my life. Who saves me when … Read more