Poem : I Love Jesus

I Love you Jesus

I love Jesus, not because of the wealth men claim He can give me.
I love Jesus, not because He can do miracles in my life. He has.
I love Jesus, not for the healing my body needs, yet he heals me anyway.
I love Jesus, for I am a sinner who repents daily and He forgives me.
I love Jesus, I believe He is the Word of God who came in the flesh to save my soul.
I love Jesus, and will continue to defend Him until the day I go from this world.
I love Jesus, road blocks are just His way of moving the faithful towards Him.
I love Jesus, and know now why His narrow path is not crowded.
I love Jesus, His word is my word, His path is my path.
I love Jesus, and I walk by faith in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
I love Jesus, may be you should too…

– – – written by Joh

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