Give Someone An Affectionate Word Today

Give Someone An Affectionate Word

Man is in search of love and identity, least for money. He is stuffed with unending passion and feelings. When his feelings are realized he feels satisfaction, when denied he becomes worst. When I appreciate my close guy he would say thanks or would at least giggle or grin at me. Gospel says, Love one another… what does that word really mean? It is beyond words. If the young ones are not given care and love they will search for love which would take them astray from real love and warmth.

We even trumpet of the love of God… but what really is that? Is it enough that we say, Love, love and Love… Everyone was meant to share god’s unending love and care. The difference between our love and God’s love is that; if we seek for human love that may sprout and cheer at us for sometimes, but gradually fades off… but the love of God is unending.

Human beings are equipped with full of emotions in the form of frustrations, love and concern. But what happens is, we are not able to identify them in proper mood or time.You wish to love a person; but why don’t you not feel that closeness to everyone… Just think of a business day; we meet n number of persons may be in our office or surroundings. The point is all those might have come for the same purpose. Out of many whom we see we remember only two or three… that is what is closeness of heart, may be their look, talk, behavior all these things had an influence on us.

Hug – The Symbol of Pure Love

Americans express their love by sharing a Hug – A symbol of pure love, the pure expression of concern and care for others. According to Indian tradition we receive each other by our open mind with a motto “Aditi Devo Bhava”. So in which ever tradition we look the expression of love, care and consideration can be found. If all these are a symbol of love and care I believe it is from God, almighty who asked us to love and console each other.

So, God made hugs, a special sign. And symbol of his love is Divine, A circle of open arms, to hold in love and keep out harm. One simple hug can do its part. To warm and cheer another’s heart. A hug is a bit of heaven above. That signifies HIS perfect love.

Social Scientist Virginia Satir says that, four hugs a day will help you survive the blues, but a dozen is better. Speaking to the annual meeting of Ortho psychiatric association she said more would make people happier. She said that four daily hugs were essential for survival, eight for good for maintenance and twelve for growth. Our pores and places for messages for love and being able to have physical contact is very important. Just imagine a desperate man feeling loneliness… When he feels that someone care me… It is enough for him to get out of his gloom. Just hold him and say do not worry dear, that word itself would work miracles.

A little affection can say so much

Affection feels so nice and has a wonderful way of lifting your spirit and brightening your day. It is so encouraging and uplifting. A little affection can say so much and go a long way. It communicates love – you can feel someone else love through the affection they share with you.

Tactile expression of love requires no extra time. It is easily bestowed while other activities are going on. As you walk through the house and family member, it does not take extra time to draw and affectionate hand across that person’s shoulder. There are many sweet ways to show what we mean to one another, without taking time to do so. Such small gestures carry large meanings.

So, finally let me ask you one thing, “Have you had an affection to someone today?” If not do it, It demands nothing from you, but it means a lot to one who receive the same. So stretch those arms without delay. And give someone an affectionate word today.

– – – written by Binu Adukkathil

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