Poem : Lord Jesus, You Are The One

Lord Jesus You Are The One

Lord Jesus, You are the one

Who gives me strength and hope
When doubts and fears arise.

Who stands alone for me
Overcoming life’s adversaries.

Who protects me from devastation
And helps me resist life’s temptations.

Who leads me the right path to choose
In most difficult situations of my life.

Who saves me when I become frail
To fight the forces of evil.

Who gives me this gift so that
Others may see the light – Your light.

Who takes away my pain and sufferings
All throughout the days of sorrows.

Who is my Lord, my King,
And The Creator Of Everything.

Who I will always love and serve
For the rest of my life.

Lord Jesus, You are the one.

– – – written by Alon Calinao Dy

I dedicate this poem to our Lord Jesus, I owe my life to you because you have given me everything such as wonderful parents, loving and understanding wife, and friends. Thank you so much Lord Jesus! - Alon Calinao Dy

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