Avalanche Of Blessing

Avalanche Of Blessing

One day, two men were walking home. All of a sudden, it started to rain. Really hard. Because both of them didn’t have an umbrella, the two guys got soaking wet.

After a few minutes of torrential rain, the first man cursed. “God, what have I done to deserve this bad fortune?” he growled, hurling his fist to the sky. “Why are you punishing me? I’m minding my own business here, walking home, when You had to make it rain!”. But the second man’s response was totally different. He began to skip, dance, and sing like Gary V in a concert. “Yeepee! Life is wonderful!” he hollered.

With venom in his voice, the first man asked, “What are you so happy about? Can’t you see we’re wet as frogs in a swamp!” The second man said, “My dear friend, I’m a farmer. The rain is nourishing my crops. I will have a bountiful harvest this year!”

—————————— ————————— —————————-

It was the same rain, the same amount of water pelting their bodies, but the two men had two very different reactions. Why? Because one person prepared for the rain and another didn’t.

There is always an avalanche of blessing that will flow into your life. Financial blessings. Spiritual blessings. They pour like a rampaging river over you. But will you be ready for their coming? If you won’t be ready, you’ll just curse. But who will praise? The person who has planted great seeds in his life. How will you do that?

Here are the three kinds of seeds that you need to plant:-
1)    Seeds of Desire
2)    Seeds of Belief
3)    Seeds of Action

God wants to bless you abundantly. But you need to learn how to be ready to receive those blessings.

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