People Builders: A Real Blessing

People Builders A Real Blessing

It is great to be a people builder. Conversely, it is rather easy to tear people down. For example, just looking at somebody and exclaiming, “You look ugly!” has the power to poke holes in that person’s self esteem. I believe everyone is called to be a people builder. One major factor that can motivate … Read more

Poem : I Give You

I Give You

I give you the sun, and I give you the rain. I give you the air to breathe, and I give you the grain. I give you the mountains to climb, and I give you the sea to explore. I give you words to rhyme, and I give you lions that roar. But you never … Read more

Avalanche Of Blessing

Avalanche Of Blessing

One day, two men were walking home. All of a sudden, it started to rain. Really hard. Because both of them didn’t have an umbrella, the two guys got soaking wet. After a few minutes of torrential rain, the first man cursed. “God, what have I done to deserve this bad fortune?” he growled, hurling his fist to … Read more