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February 24th, 2010

Story : Do we miss God’s blessings?

Do we miss God's blessings

A young man was getting ready to graduate college. For many months he had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer’s showroom, and knowing his father could well afford it, he told him that was all he wanted.

As Graduation Day approached, the young man awaited signs that his father had purchased the car. Finally, on the morning  of his graduation his father called him into his private study. His father told him how proud he was to have such a fine son, and  told him how much he loved him. He handed his son a beautiful   wrapped gift box.

Curious, but somewhat disappointed the young man opened the box and found a lovely, leather-bound Bible. Angrily, he raised his voice at his father and said, “With all your money you give  me  a Bible?” and stormed out of the house, leaving the holy book.

Many years passed and the young man became a very successful in business. He had a beautiful home and wonderful family, but realized his father was very old, and thought perhaps he should go to him. He had   not seen him since that graduation day. Before he could make arrangements, he received a telegram telling him his father had passed away, and willed all of his possessions to his son. He needed  to come home immediately and take care things.

When he arrived at  his father’s house, sudden sadness and regret filled his heart.

He began to search his father’s important papers and saw the still new Bible, just as he had left it years ago. With tears,  he opened the Bible and began to turn the pages. As he read those   words, a car key dropped from an envelope taped behind the Bible.

It  had a tag with the dealer’s name, the same dealer who had the sports  car he had desired. On the tag was the date of his graduation, and the words…PAID IN FULL !!

How many times do we miss God’s blessings because they are not packaged as we expected?

February 19th, 2010

Story : Hundred-fold Blessings

Blessings hundred fold

Three young men were once given three kernels of corn apiece by a wise old sage, who admonished them to go out into the world, and use the corn to bring themselves good fortune.

The first young man put his three kernels of corn into a bowl of hot broth and ate them.

The second thought, I can do better than that, and he planted his three kernels of corn. Within a few months, he had three stalks of corn. He took the ears of corn from the stalks, boiled them, and had enough corn for three meals.

The third man said to himself, I can do better than that! He also planted his three kernels of corn, but when his three stalks of corn produced, he stripped one of the stalks and replanted all of the seeds in it, gave the second stalk of corn to a sweet maiden, and ate the third.

His one full stalk’s worth of replanted corn kernels gave him 200 stalks of corn! And the kernels of these he continued to replant, setting aside only a bare minimum to eat. He eventually planted a hundred acres of corn.With his fortune, he not only won the hand of the sweet maiden but purchased the land owned by the sweet maiden’s father. And he never hungered again.

——————————- ———————————– —————————–

The more you give, the more you get. However that should NOT be the reason for your giving.

It is possible to give freely to GOD and become more wealthy, but those who are stingy will lose everything. – (Proverbs 11:24)

The generous prosper and are satisfied; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. – (Proverbs 11:25)

February 15th, 2010

Tax Free Blessing

God Bless You

A tax assessor came one day to a poor Christian to determine the amount of taxes he would have to pay.

The following conversation took place:

“What property do you possess?” asked the assessor.

“I am a very wealthy man,” replied the Christian.

“List your possessions, please,” the assessor instructed.

The Christian said: “First, I have everlasting life, John 3:16, Second, I have a mansion in heaven, John 14:2, Third, I have peace that passes all understanding, Philippians 4:7, Fourth, I have joy unspeakable, 1 Peter 1:8, Fifth, I have divine love which never fails, 1 Corinthians 13:8, Sixth, I have a faithful wife, Proverbs 31:10, Seventh, I have healthy, happy obedient children, Exodus 20:12, Eighth, I have true, loyal friends, Proverbs 18:24, Ninth, I have songs in the night, Psalms 42:8, Tenth, I have a crown of life, James 1:12”.

The tax assessor closed his book, and said, “Truly you are a very rich man, but your property is not subject to taxation.”

————————— ——————————– ————————–

So, here are some suggestions to help you become blessed with the riches of God. Try the above suggestions in order to become a blessing to your Heavenly Father as well as those around you, known as your neighbors.

And, remember, as long as He is meeting your needs and you have the promise of eternity in Heaven, You Are Blessed! I pray that all of us will have this kind of tax free “wealth.” God Bless You!

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