Tax Free Blessing

God Bless You

A tax assessor came one day to a poor Christian to determine the amount of taxes he would have to pay.

The following conversation took place:

“What property do you possess?” asked the assessor.

“I am a very wealthy man,” replied the Christian.

“List your possessions, please,” the assessor instructed.

The Christian said: “First, I have everlasting life, John 3:16, Second, I have a mansion in heaven, John 14:2, Third, I have peace that passes all understanding, Philippians 4:7, Fourth, I have joy unspeakable, 1 Peter 1:8, Fifth, I have divine love which never fails, 1 Corinthians 13:8, Sixth, I have a faithful wife, Proverbs 31:10, Seventh, I have healthy, happy obedient children, Exodus 20:12, Eighth, I have true, loyal friends, Proverbs 18:24, Ninth, I have songs in the night, Psalms 42:8, Tenth, I have a crown of life, James 1:12”.

The tax assessor closed his book, and said, “Truly you are a very rich man, but your property is not subject to taxation.”

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So, here are some suggestions to help you become blessed with the riches of God. Try the above suggestions in order to become a blessing to your Heavenly Father as well as those around you, known as your neighbors.

And, remember, as long as He is meeting your needs and you have the promise of eternity in Heaven, You Are Blessed! I pray that all of us will have this kind of tax free “wealth.” God Bless You!

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