People Builders: A Real Blessing

People Builders A Real Blessing

It is great to be a people builder. Conversely, it is rather easy to tear people down. For example, just looking at somebody and exclaiming, “You look ugly!” has the power to poke holes in that person’s self esteem.

I believe everyone is called to be a people builder. One major factor that can motivate you to do this is by realizing and accepting the fact that your own success depends on how you thrive in this area of people building!

Let’s take a dentist for example. There are many specialized dentists in my city. However I go to Dr. Eldo Koshy who has now become our family dentist. He is famous for ‘painless’ dental treatment. Recently I told him, “Doc, the reason I come over to you is not because I don’t have anybody else. It’s because you are real good at what you do!” That’s true. And the people who wait in line at his clinic have the same thing to share. He is a people builder in the area of dental health. And that, in turn, fetches him success!

It’s the same with a public servant, an entrepreneur, a minister of God, an employee, spouse or a student. As they do their best in their respective fields to help and build up the lives of people, they, in turn, become successful and continue to be so.

This is a beautiful principle found in the Scriptures. Check this out: “The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.” (Proverbs 11:25)

Question: What are those things that you do in your respective field to build up the lives of people? Add your comments here. Also, you may share this post with one of your good friends.

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  1. Dear Georgy, I appreciate your wonderful ministry through the internet programme, In the words of St. Augustine,”Late I have come to know” But, better late than never.This one of ” People Builder is very rich in content useful for priests who work with people. Similarly, I find most of your articles, which are short and sweet, very excellent.Please continue this ministry.Thank you and may God bless you. +S.Michael Augustine, Archbishop Emeritus of Pondicherry and Cuddalore

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