What Is My Mission In Life?

What Is My Mission In Life

You have a mission in life. It is specific and special.

Successful people know their mission and as they work it out, it leads them to success. That is why best-selling author Tommy Newberry says, “Success is a planned outcome, not an accident”.

What is ‘mission’?

Simply put, it is your purpose. It is what you are born for. It is the reason why you exist on this earth.

There is a powerful passage in the Scripture where Jesus declares, “…for this purpose I came…” (John 12:27). He knew His purpose. He followed His purpose. He did His purpose. He was successful.

Why follow your mission?

Doing your mission brings you vitality. Every day becomes a new opportunity to accomplish what you are called for. You go to bed every night satisfied knowing that you did what you are created to do.

Doing your mission provides a strong sense of destiny. You realize that you are not here by chance. You know why you are here for such a time as this.

Martin Luther sensed it. Martin Luther King Jr. sensed it. Do you?

– – – written by Joe Abraham from www.joeandancy.com

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  2. Hi Adeline.

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