God Never Abandons Anyone

God Never Abandons Anyone

There is a possibility that we fall into despair when our prayers are un heard and our life situations remain unchanged. We may think that the Lord is not taking care of us and He is unaware of our troubles. We read in the book of Psalms; “The Lord has been mindful of us; he will bless us” (115:12).

Joseph of the Old Testament - A just man, Joseph of the Old Testament, looks like he is abandoned by God, when he is thrown into a pit and sold by his brothers. No one could think of God who rescues him, when he was falsely accused and imprisoned. When Joseph became the ruler of Egypt, we can see that the silence of God was from His great plan and care for him all through his life.

But Joseph might have gone through the real pain of isolation and judgment. Christ himself was crying on the cross over His father’s silence. It might have been for taking part in the pain of those abandoned and forlorn.

God never abandons anyone. But Satan tempts us interpreting our life situations to be one that abandoned by God. When our life faces troubles and we are in an adverse situation, remind ourselves;“God is mindful of me; He will bless me.” God never leaves us.

Cain was a murderer. But still the Lord printed a protective mark on Him. Will He not take care of us? In order to experience the care and love of God we should get rid of our complaints over human love and care.

Possess the firm conviction that God is enough for me. Let God Hold Your Hand.

Let us pray for this grace : Lord, when we pass through the pain of rejection and abandonment, fill us with strong faith in you. Let our problems never be an opportunity to suspect your great and unbound love. Amen.

– – – written by Benny Punnathara

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  1. I wish above all things that thou may proseper and be in good health even as ur soul proseperite.

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