Correct Vision

Our Eyes On Jesus

If your eye is sound, your whole body will be filled with light (Mat 6:22).

Most of us know the difference between seeing well and seeing poorly, especially if we recall wearing glasses or contact lenses for the first time. Before we used them, things were blurry and out of focus. When we put them on, the world was instantly transformed. We had to squint because everything was so bright. Colors jumped out at us, and we could pick out details we hadn’t noticed before.

That’s the sort of contrast Jesus is talking about here. But He is referring to spiritual vision, not physical vision. It doesn’t matter so much that we have eyes-it’s how we use them that’s important. If our eyes are “bad,” that is, if we put all our attention on this world, things get darker. We are consumed by short-term wants and desires rather than the long-term goals Jesus has for us-to build His kingdom and to be deeply united with Him.

When we make Jesus our priority, it’s as if He gives us a new pair of eyes.

We find the dark areas of sin getting smaller. We start to appreciate this world more-not for itself alone but as a reflection of God’s glory. Our power to resist temptation increases, and we’re able to pray more and to love more. We have a serenity we didn’t have before.

Like Simeon, we can say, “Now, Master, you may let your servant go in peace … for my eyes have seen your salvation” (Lk 2:29-30).

However, this “vision correction” doesn’t take place only once but throughout our lives. Even now, the Lord may be drawing your attention to something you hadn’t noticed before. It could be something you’re supposed to get rid of, such as a habit or thought pattern that’s dragging you down. Or it could be something you’re supposed to respond to, such as a new opportunity for evangelization or friendship.

So keep your heart open to God’s grace so that your conversion will go deeper still.

Our goal: To see Jesus more and more clearly until you behold Him face-to-face in heaven!

“Lord, I want to see you! Reveal yourself to me, and help me to grow more into your image each day.”

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