Courageous – Movie Review

Courageous Movie Review

Movie Review of Courageous (2011)  Honor begins at home – – – This film, starring, written and directed by Alex Kendrick, is a beautifully presented as a clear call to action for men to step up and fulfill their duties as fathers and leaders of their communities and households. Courageous Movie Theme The story follows … Read more

The Mysterious Islands – Movie Review

The Mysterious Islands

The Mysterious Islands – Movie Review A Testimony to God’s Hand in Creation – A recently released documentary challenges Charles Darwin on “Ground Zero” of evolution: the Galapagos Islands. Led by Vision Forum founder Doug Phillips, the expedition covers the territory and animals Darwin visited and studied nearly 200 years ago, but comes to a … Read more

Faith Like Potatoes – Movie Review

Faith Like Potatoes Movie

Faith Like Potatoes Directed by: Regardt van den Bergh Produced by: Frans Cronje, Kirstin Barwise Starring: Frank Rautenbach, Jeanne Neilson, Hamilton Dlamini Release date: October 27, 2006 Running time: 116 min A story that urges you to trust in God with full faith, even when you are in difficult times. This movie is based on … Read more