Bible Story Pictures For Children

Bible Story Pictures For Children – When we explain the Holy Bible to children, Bible story pictures play a crucial role. We clearly know that a picture is worth a thousand words. So we are happy to introduce a new website that contains over 2,700 Bible story pictures. URL – These pictures are not … Read more

Prayer of The Depressed

Prayer of The Depressed

O glorious St. Michael, the Archangel, leader of the angels who stood against Lucifer and his devils, I stand before you with a broken heart, weighed down by problems which I cannot understand nor solve. Your sword was instrumental in the defeat of Satan, the prince of darkness. I beseech you – help me withstand this darkness that engulfs me and my life. Protect me from negative thoughts and lift my spirit whenever … Read more

Jesus and Mary Pictures

Above given are several Jesus and Mary pictures. Most of them have baby Jesus in them with His mother Mary. Click on any thumbnail for the original pic. As we know how blessed Mother Mary and Jesus are. Jesus is the son of God and God himself. Mother Mary, the virgin chosen by God almighty … Read more